The Great Arab Revolt (WWI)

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The Great War pitted the Allied Powers of Great Britain, France, Italy, Russia, and the United States of America, against the Central Powers, a confederation formed by Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire. The Austro-Hungarian Nation led the opening volley of this war, later known as World War I, through a hostile action against Serbia on July 28, 1914 and their subsequent effort to acquire allies in this aggression. The Ottoman Empire and Germany joined Austria-Hungary to form the Central Powers on August 1st, despite the Ottoman Empire’s reluctance to acknowledge their support. Importantly, the Central Powers required the aid of the Ottoman Empire as they controlled a significant amount of land with oil reserves. The early 20th …show more content…

On June 5, 1916, the Arab people began an insurgency against the Turkish government known as the Great Arab Revolt. Recognizing the opportunity presented by this growing but unorganized dissent against the Ottomans, the Allied Powers were quick to step in with leadership and support of the Arab cause. However, the Allied Powers’ lack of familiarity with Arab culture initially led to poor leadership of their tribes. In addition, the extent of Britain's influence on the Arab Revolt was limited to backing the leadership of King Faisal and providing the Arabs military intelligence on where to attack, instead of a more active participation. Recognizing the cultural divide, Britain assigned second lieutenant Thomas Edward Lawrence, an officer with prior knowledge of Arab culture, to serve as liaison. Devoted to the Arabs’ success, Lawrence conscripted the help of Arab tribesmen, mercenaries, and soldiers in his attacks on the Ottoman Empire. Moreover, Lawrence’s ambitious notion of combat influenced him to engage the Turks using guerilla warfare tactics, going so far as to traverse the Nefud Desert, thought to be

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