The Great Depression By Albert Ellis

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Albert Ellis was one of the most influential psychologists in American history, who lived between September 27, 1913 and July 24, 2007. In junior high, Ellis had his sights set to become a great novelist. His original plan was to study accounting in high school and college, retire around the age of 30, and write without having to worry about finances. Unfortunately, the Great Depression stopped Ellis from furthering his dream. However, he managed to finish college with a degree in Business Administration from the City University of New York in 1934. In Ellis’ spare time, he wrote short stories, plays, comics, essays, and novels. At the age of 28, he had written over two dozen manuscripts, but he could not get them published. It was then Ellis realized that his future did not involve being a novelist Ellis decided to start a part-time private practice for sex and family therapy after he was awarded his master’s degree in 1943. By the time he was awarded a doctorate from Columbia in 1947, Ellis truly believed that psychoanalysis was the best form of therapy. He quickly decided that he wanted to manage training analysis. Sadly, none of the psycho analytic institutes would not accept anyone without M.D. s, so Ellis had some trouble finding a group to work with. None the less, Albert found a group that agreed to work with him. In a few years time, Ellis had successfully completed a full psychoanalysis and began to practice classical psychoanalysis.

In the late 1940’s,

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