The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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American dream was a constant topic all over the world. In different period there were different definitions of American dream. In the early of time, it concluded some elements about equal, right and freedom. These were basic of American dream. People had equally right and had freedom belief. In the American, there were many chances to get rich and people hoped to seek the good life. But with the developed of the economy, American dream had new definition. American dream gradually became to seek a quickly way to get rich rather than trying their hard to get rich. Also this was the period after the second war, and people enjoyed the happy life and wealth life. The young generation was addicted to American dream and crazy to accumulate …show more content…

During this meeting, the love between Gatsby and Daisy was revived, and then they began an affair. After that, Nick learned the true story of Gatsby’s past. He was born in poor family, so he changed his name at the age of seventeen. And when he met Daisy in a part he fell in love with her at once, but due to many reasons he did not marry with Daisy. Now he had a great deal of money and wanted to win back Daisy. After Gatsby and Daisy discussed, Daisy invited Gatsby, Nick and Jordan to lunch at her house. And they wanted to tell the truth to Daisy’s husband. After lunch, they drove to the Plaza Hotel in the city. In the hotel, Tom and Gatsby had a bitter confrontation and this made Daisy lost control of her emotions. And then Tom permitted Gatsby to drive Daisy back to East Egg. On the trip back to East Egg, Gatsby allowed Daisy to drive the car. But when they passed Wilson’s garage, Daisy in order to avoid another car and hit Myrtle, who was killed instantly. George Wilson was the husband of Myrtle and he wanted to find the killer, Tom Buchanan told him that Gatsby was the driver of the car. Then Wilson shot Gatsby before committing suicide himself. After the murder, Daisy and Tom left town to avoid their responsible. Nick organize Gatsby’s funeral, but found no one cared for Gatsby and attended the funeral. Nick seek out Gatsby’s father, and brought him to New York for the funeral. In the end Nick left New York with disappointed of

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