The Great Gatsby Immoral Character Analysis

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The Least Immoral Person in The Great Gatsby
In The Great Gatsby the characters all have a special relationship with one another, Nick and Tom don’t particularly like each other they are only friends for Daisy. Nick and Gatsby are friends so Gatsby can get closer to Daisy, but they are good friends with each other. Nick and Jordan are friends for daisy also, they thought they were in love, but in the end they weren’t in love. Nick is the least immoral character because he never cheated on anyone, Nick lied, but only to an extent, he lied about Gatsby and Daisy being in love, and finally he didn’t murder anyone like Daisy and George did.
In any case Nick never cheated on anyone because he was never in a relationship with anyone like Tom and Daisy were. Tom cheated on Daisy with Myrtle, Daisy cheated on Tom with Gatsby. Nick went with Tom to town and Nick got to meet Tom’s mistress. “Were getting off,” Tom said insistently. “I want you to meet my girl” (24). Nick never had anyone like that even though Nick thought that he was in love with Jordan. Nick and Jordan never had anything between them, they never loved each other they just hang out a lot with Daisy and Tom.
Secondly, Nick has done a small amount of lying to the other characters; Nick has lied to Tom, Daisy, and Gatsby. Nick lied to Tom to protect Daisy and Gatsby from Tom so he wouldn’t hurt Gatsby and potentially hurt Daisy. But Nick isn’t as bad as Tom when it comes to lying. Tom lied to George and drew him to the

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