The Great War

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“The Great War” On 28 June 1914, a Serbian shot an Austrian. Within six weeks, many of the countries of Europe had become involved in a war that was to cause the deaths of 10 million soldiers, but was the assassination the only cause of war? WWI wasn't just any war, it was also a new beginning and a new cause for a few of the european countries that had been involved. The end results for Germany had been the worst, which not only caused Germany to have a new purpose and have resentments, but also to make something new from that beaten Germany. WWI was caused by many factors but the ones that always come first to our attention could be one such as Militarism, which was an arms race that was capable of making countries into great allies or an enemy to fear. Not only do some people feel pride in being what they but also they can take their nationalism to a whole new level. Take hitler as an example. Believing that his race was far better than any of the others out there, but it doesn't end there. Allies was a big part of it also. If one country went to war with another then the allies would be called upon and join in as well, which led to the opposing countries allies stepping in followed by any of their allies, allies. But change played a great role also. Not everyone wanted change which could mean a loss to any power a country held. Imperialism wasn't accepted by all and there were those leaders in countries that knew what imperialism could mean to the power they

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