The Greatest Of All Time

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Alex Martinez
Mrs. Reaume
English 4
27 October 2015
The Greatest of All Time
Christianity, or the belief that Jesus Christ is the messiah, is the most popular religion in the world with 2.2 billion followers (“Global Christianity”). There are few people throughout the entire world who have never heard the name Jesus Christ. Most people know him by hearing of his life story or because of the famous holidays celebrating events of his life such as Easter or Christmas. Jesus Christ is the greatest leader of all time and has proven this by being relatable to the people around him, by being willing to share his wisdom, and by having the powers of God.
Jesus Christ is described as the visible image of the invisible God. Jesus was born a man on
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Jesus understands what it is like to suffer and loves his people enough to make their struggles his own. It is important to remember that despite being all powerful, Jesus was a human being and because of this he had his own struggles. Jesus was sent into the wilderness where he fasted for forty days until the devil showed up to tempt him into sinning. The devil tried to use Jesus’s hunger against him by tempting him with bread, and he attempted to trick Jesus with the use of scripture, but these efforts were in vain (Holy Bible, Matthew 4-11). Jesus resisted the temptations that we face everyday and he is the only person to have never sinned. Losing loved ones is extremely difficult for everyone no matter how powerful they are. Jesus had a close friend named Lazarus who had gotten ill and passed away. Jesus decided that he would raise Lazarus from death to life as a demonstration of god’s power, even though Jesus knew Lazarus would be back, Jesus still wept and felt much sorrow for the loss of his great friend (“Miracles of Jesus Christ”). Jesus was a leader that could relate to his people through the struggles of life. God sent him from heaven so that we may have a vision of God that is relatable to us, and that is exactly what Jesus was, relatable.
Jesus knew exactly how important it was to teach the people how to live life as a Christian before he left earth. Part of what made Jesus such a great leader was that he was not selfish with his
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