The Greatest Of All Time

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Alex Martinez
Mrs. Reaume
English 4
27 October 2015
The Greatest of All Time
Christianity, or the belief that Jesus Christ is the messiah, is the most popular religion in the world with 2.2 billion followers (“Global Christianity”). There are few people throughout the entire world who have never heard the name Jesus Christ. Most people know him by hearing of his life story or because of the famous holidays celebrating events of his life such as Easter or Christmas. Jesus Christ is the greatest leader of all time and has proven this by being relatable to the people around him, by being willing to share his wisdom, and by having the powers of God.
Jesus Christ is described as the visible image of the invisible God. Jesus was born a man on earth but he also had the powers of God. It was important that Jesus was relatable to the people around him so that they would trust him as a leader. Jesus accomplished this by making himself lesser and living like a normal human being until the age of thirty. Jesus was born in a manger because his family could not afford a motel room. He was not born into lavish conditions but instead worked his way up to an ordinary job as a carpenter. His father, Joseph, was a carpenter by occupation and trained Jesus in the skilled trade (Aust). God placed Jesus in the class of normal everyday people so that he could gain the authority of the people to whom he would later preach to.
The Holy Bible describes in detail the many endeavors Jesus faced…
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