The Greco-Parthian Influence On The Making Of An Amphora

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Because it’s an Amphora, the jar has 2 handles that start about 1/3 of the way down the piece, go straight up and come back in at about a 45o-50o angle where they meet the top of the jar. As for the body, it starts with a small foot and immediately budges into a propane tank sized body. From there it thins into a neck that stays a consistent size all the way up to the mouth of the piece; the neck is about the same size as a small can of paint. To me, it seems this piece would be an expensive luxury item. The Greco-Roman-Parthian influence on the piece along with the addition of the Egyptian deity, 3D ornaments and bright and unique color seems to be the making of a costume made Amphora for a wealthy Roman buyer that was in the cult of Serapis.

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