Social Impact Of The American Revolution And The Haitian Revolution

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The Atlantic revolution, while not nearly as impactful as the industrial revolution, was still a major event that effected the world. The Atlantic revolution greatest impact was felt culturally, socially, and politically. The American revolution and the Haitian revolution had the biggest impact out of all the Atlantic revolutions according to Laurent Dubois. His claim is further supported by In the article, it claims that the American revolution started a “trans-Atlantic Age of Revolution.” Laurent Dubois speaks more about the American revolution and the second most impactful revolution, the Haitian revolution, in his article. Both of these revolutions make up the Atlantic revolution. However, the Haitian revolution specifically …show more content…

Now, they had to be seen as equal to the people who were never slaves. Finally, the abolishment of slavery had a political impact because there was a new shift in power. Politically, slavery was legal at first and people supported it. However, now that it’s not legal, it called for a new leader who no longer supports it. Haiti’s independent is also proof of the political impact as it created a new country with its political system separate from the French. According to DuBois’s article, the American revolution did not have a social impact because “While the American Revolution represented a profound challenge to imperial structures, it did not cause a true social revolution in North America, where colonial elites became the new national elite. And despite the offers of freedom put forth by the British to enslaved people who would fight for them, which many slaves took up, and the initiation of emancipation in many northern states, slavery ultimately survived that revolution and even expanded and thrived in its wake.” He also said that the American revolution influenced the French revolution by “…putting forth powerful new political ideologies and through the debts contracted by the French king in his support of the North American

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