The Haunted Trail Of The Park

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When one normally walks through Balboa Park, most of the time it is a peaceful venture. But sometimes it is just not so. During the month of October, a small section of the park becomes a bit more twisted with faints screams echoing throughout the park. All originating from a small one mile stretch of park, only known as The Haunted Trail. During the month of October, and especially close to the 31st, many try to make it through the trail. A few nights prior to Halloween, a small group of individuals journey to the park to experience the joy that is The Haunted Trails. Two to be exact. The first being a young woman by the name of Samantha. For her journey through The Haunted Trails, she decided to wear a crimson-red sports jacket with a plaid-styled skirt. Since she is of an adventurous nature, she believes that she does not scare easily and the trails should poise no challenge at all. While the other individual joining her on this adventure is a young man by the name of Mike. He decided to go with an old slightly tattered olive-green army jacket and jeans. And similarly to Sam, he is a man of action and is not afraid to venture into some fears. As with everyone who visits the Haunted Trails, the first thing everyone must do is buy some tickets. And with most aspects of the trails themselves, you must wait in line to get your tickets. So the two brave souls do just that. After a solid twenty five to thirty minuets, they are finally towards the front of the line. Soon a
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