The Haunting Of Hill House

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The Haunting of Hill House, by Shirley Jackson, revolutionized the horror genre of books. It started a completely new trend in how horror books were written. Unlike previous books, The Haunting of Hill House uses terror rather than horror to elicit fear and emotion from the reader and utilizes complex relationships between the mysterious events in the house and the very different characters in the novel. At the end of the book, the reader realizes that none of the questions that have been burning through his or her head have been answered. Jackson refuses to shine a light in every corner, answering the questions of her readers. Her original and (at that time) never before seen writing style caused readers to speculate and create theories for their questions, one of which is what in the book haunts Hill House? Because of this, readers from around the world have been theorizing what exactly stalks the halls of Hill House and haunts the characters of the book sin 1959, the year the book was published. There are hundreds of different theories, but in the end they all revolve around two smaller questions: Was Hill House an entity that haunted its residents or was there something that haunted Hill House? Before answering these questions, there is one question that all readers who know about Shirley Jackson ask – how was a loving wife and mother able to write such a dark novel that struck fear into people’s heart? To understand how she was capable of this, a deeper knowledge into…
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