The Hawaiian Duck is an Endangered Species

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The Hawaiian Duck Earth is a very interesting planet. It seems to be filled with never ending discoveries and beautiful settings. With these settings also come with other-worldly animals. One of these said animals is the “anas wyvillina” Hawaiian Duck. This bird resides on the beautiful island of Hawaii. This species seems to have it good, but that statement could not be farther from the truth. As of 2012, the Hawaiian Duck has been considered an endangered species. This species is a dogfight to prevail and live on as a species, but are terribly losing. This bird is interesting because of the habitat and niche it possesses, why it has become endangered, and the conservation efforts. The Hawaiian Duck is blessed with one of the best habitats in the world. It resides in the beautiful islands and the epitome of all beautiful islands known as Hawaii. They are mostly found in lowland wetlands, river valleys, and mountain streams. This works to this bird’s advantages. They mostly try to stay away from the more urban parts of Hawaii and stick to their usual wetland setting. However, there not much of these habitats around on the virtually miniature island of Hawaii, which makes this bird’s effort of trying to stick around, just that much harder. Its endangerment has a large part to do with the fact that you cannot find all of these elements in many places on the island of Hawaii. The Hawaiian duck’s habitat is a huge part of what this bird is and how it functions through its

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