The Health And Health Of Physiotherapy

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As a health professional in the discipline of Physiotherapy, it is important to know and understand the health and disease in our local communities. The study of population health assists health professionals to improve health and wellbeing by addressing disparities in health status between social groups. There are several age groups that are more vulnerable to illness and disease. For instance, older ages are more vulnerable to disease and functional decline.
Population pyramids are a tool utilised to understand the make-up of a given population (ABS, 2013). Three different populations were graphed into a population pyramid using data sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics following the 2011 Australian Census. The populations include; the population of Ingham QLD, the population of Australia, and the population of Indigenous people in Ingham. This information assists health professionals to direct health promotion efforts to priority population groups within their communities.

Population of Ingham, North Queensland as of 2011
Population Pyramid 1 – data sourced from

The above population pyramid represents the population percentages of age versus gender for the small region of Hinchinbrook, North Queensland. The Hinchinbrook Region or Shire is located about 110km northwest of Townsville and is named after Hinchinbrook Island, which is separated from the mainland by the Hinchinbrook Channel. The main

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