The Health And Safety At Work Act

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The Health and Safety at work act (HASAWA) is a piece of legislation that used in the UK for health and safety. It places a responsibility for employers to provide health and safety protection for all the employees under him or her, thereby creating a safer workplace for workers and visitors alike. It is done for personal safety as well as because it is the law. A machine shop environment: activities that are undertaken in a machine shop environment can be things such as but not limited to milling, drilling, the use of lathes and the use of heavy duty machinery and due to such an accident and injury prone environment the PPE at work regulation 1992 is applicable. This regulation states that the employers are required to ensure that …show more content…

It is also the employers’ job to provide instruction and training to its workers on the use and maintenance of the equipment and protecting its employees whilst the use the equipment. The roles and responsibilities that are followed in a machine shop environment all serve a purpose: The Director Responsible for Health and Safety answers to the Managing director for all topics that relate to health, safety and the fortune of the employees and those that are affected by a company’s choices or operations. The Director Responsible for Health and Safety has a responsibility to understand as well as making sure that Statutory Instruments, HSE Guidance Notes and Codes of Practice, that are set by the New Acts of Parliaments, are shown to the Board of Directors as well as bringing health and safety issues that relate to the company to the Board of Directors. The Director must also make sure that a training programme for Health and Safety is recognised as well as utilised. The director should also motivate safety culture for the employees. However one of the most important roles of the Director is to provide examples for employees on how PPE is utilised as well as ensuing all procedures and requirements for safety. The roles and responsibilities of the safety manager is to primarily advise Managers and Directors on health and safety topics as

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