The Health Behavior Of Tobacco Use Among Adolescents

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Tobacco Use Among Adolescents Karah Brasher National University Abstract This paper addresses the health behavior of tobacco use among adolescents. There are many risk factors that contribute to this health behavior, as well as risk factors that contribute to the morbidity and mortality of tobacco use among adolescents. Tobacco Use Among Adolescents Over the last decade of two there has been a huge push to end the use of tobacco products such as cigarettes and chewing tobacco. These tobacco products have been proven time and time again to cause numerous serious health conditions and can be the direct cause of deadly conditions like lung cancer, mouth cancer and heart disease. Typically when one thinks of smoking and chewing, it’s an older generation that comes to mind. However, it’s been shown that tobacco use primarily starts in the early adolescent years. The CDC states that nearly 9 out of 10 cigarette smokers, smoked their first cigarette by age 18. The numbers of adolescent smokers grow almost daily. It’s estimated that more than 3800 youth aged 18 years or younger have smoked their first cigarette, and an additional 2,100 youth and young adults become daily smokers. (CDC, 2011) Another prevalent form of tobacco use is smokeless tobacco. An example of this is chewing tobacco. Smoking tobacco has become a growing habit for adolescent males, though a small percentage of females also use it. The CDC states that as of 2014 2 out of every 100 middle school students
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