The Health Care Options Available During Pregnancy

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Liz Ford
Dr. Skulley
English 122-501
23 June 2015
“Push” for Midwives There are many health care options available during pregnancy, so why would a mother want to choose a midwife? Midwifery is a natural approach to labor and delivery that offers a less intrusive kind of birthing environment, more birthing options, and midwives are able to accommodate the specific needs and wants of the mother. “Midwives attend approximately 10% of births in the U.S. across all settings, including hospitals, birth centers, and home births. In every setting, midwife-led maternity care results in reduced infant and maternal mortality and morbidity, fewer medical interventions, decreased costs, increased savings, and improved client satisfaction” (MANA). In order to fulfill the needs and wants of the mother, one must be able to adjust accordingly by having the right set of skills and education, allowing the woman the right to make her own decisions about the type of childbirth she desires, and have the added benefit of being able to adapt to the cultural and social desires of the client. Midwives practice and promote the philosophy of women’s rights, have the adequate skills and education, and include many benefits associated with the blessings of childbirth. (* 67%) Midwives are the historical caretakers of mothers and their infants. The word midwife is an Old English term meaning “with woman” but in the 20th century was changed to the Latin word obstetrix, which is derived from obstare,

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