The Health Issues That Are Still Affecting India Today

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Within this assignment I will be providing an overview of the main health issues that are still affecting India today. I will examine their historical trends and predict the country’s health future in context of global health and social issues. India is dealing with many on-going health issues, one of those being Cholera. It began in the Ganges Delta in South Asia and began to spread, flourishing in poor areas, mainly in the slums (Cholera and the Thames, 2014). Phillips (1990) states that, those that live in these particular areas are faced with the daily challenges of the sewages overflowing, being overcrowded with people and the inadequate availability to have access to clean water. This puts many people at a greater risk of contracting a disease such as Cholera. Although Cholera is water borne and a communicable disease it is also preventable. This disease can cause people to have severe diarrhoea which the body then loses a mass amount of fluids, people then become exceedingly dehydrated which can lead to death. Vibrio cholera or V. Cholera is the bacteria found in Cholera infecting the intestines and causing diarrhoea (Cholera and the Thames, 2014). In 2014, The World Health Organisation (WHO) updated their fact sheet with key facts about Cholera. It was estimated yearly, that about 3 to 5 million people worldwide were affected by Cholera and over 100,000 cases result in death. Cholera is a disease which can affect anyone, like many other colds, viruses, and diseases

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