The Health Of The State Of Indiana Alone

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Weighing the Cost In 2005, the CDC estimated the annual cost of ADHD to the United States to be between thirty-six to fifty-two billion dollars. This estimate takes into account not only medication costs, but those doctor’s visits and lost productivity. Cost of medication is the most significant factor, however, productivity lost by adults with the condition, or having to take off work to address a child’s behavioral incidences account for nearly four billion dollars (CDC 2015). The state of Indiana alone has more than eighty percent of youth diagnosed with the condition on pharmaceutical stimulants (CDC 2015). This provides evidence that a therapeutic approach that reduces the use of these costly stimulants and teaches individuals with the condition a viable, sustainable coping mechanism for their disorder is again a worthwhile pursuit. Though some studies cited in this paper included costly means, such as aquatic centers and treadmills (Chang 2014 Burke2013), some of the more compelling arguments and successes came from studies that utilized equipment that most schools possessed, such as balls or jump ropes (Kamp 2014). Alternatively, several studies showed success with taking students through a high intensity routine of Yoga or Tai Chi, or daily wind sprints, all of which require no additional equipment (Field 2012 Kamp 2014 Silva 2015). Productivity: a Cost Benefit Analysis This paper has posited that there are monetary benefits to alternative therapy for ADHD,

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