The Health Risks of Human Cloning

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There are many defects and health risks regarding to human cloning. Embryos will be at risk during this process because embryos will be tested on whether or not they are deformed and are going to discard it or save it for a later use. There are also times when there will be embryos that get lost during pregnancy. A small percentage has been taken off live offspring that great deals of clones have undergone numerous conditions such as heart failures, shorter life span, diabetes, physical abnormality, and a great deal of organ deficiencies. Modern technology for human cloning is not at its peak yet and is risky at this time because there will be great failure levels. Many people wonder what will happen if some abnormal clones are unable to function properly in society. The clone itself may have a mental breakdown and suffer many hardships in life with the way it has been created. Many health and risk issues will arise when dealing with something that can only be created naturally (Gogarty 84). Individuality is one of the keys to being yourself and having your own identity. If people were to be cloned, individuality would cease to exist because there would not be any creative and original people on this Earth. Cloning is not ethical because it will make many people believe that they are not unique or special anymore. The clones themselves would think this too and they will believe that they are just a replica of someone else, nothing more. If cloning humans were
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