The Healthcare Environment And The Capabilities Of Information Technology Essay

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Abstract In the healthcare industry, the access to healthcare has increased and the need for reducing patient’s wait times has required the presence of (OR) operational research (Chow, Huang, & Puterman, 2009). The research analysis will identify the main features within the healthcare environment and the capabilities of information technology. These outlines will determine how the operations in health organization benefit by applying operational research. Keywords: electronic health applications, strategic decision- support applications, and patient applications. Information Technology and Information Management (IT/IM) A considerable amount of effort and time is required to maintaining workable databases for operational studies. The disciplines’ when applying any methods of analytical decision-support for understanding operational research, allows healthcare organization’s to manage better, because the limitations in resources involved with (HIS) health administration systems (Chow, Huang, & Puterman, 2009). In regards, to the lack of integration across various departments pertaining to (HIS) health information systems are challenges that healthcare facilities endure, that includes consistency and poor accuracy of data- system information. These examples of applications to include: clinical decision-making, reduction of emergency room congestion, and applications suitable for a diverse health environment are current challenges that the healthcare industry faces (Chow,

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