The Heath and Heather Department Stores (Case Analysis) Essay

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The Heath and Heather Department Stores (Case Analysis)

Key Background Information

Heath and Heather Department Stores is one of the major department stores in Dublin having been incorporated in 1905. Dublin city is said to be one of the top ten richest in the world, which has attracted a number of companies from various industries to invest in/or evoke an active/thriving commerce environment in Dublin. Evidence of a display of middle through to wealthy income classes can be witnessed/ seen in the city of Dublin. Nevertheless, the Global recession has resulted in an inevitable decline in spending and as such, people are searching for value for their money. Insomuch, consumers prefer to shop in a central location that caters to their
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2. Irish Crème is directly opposite H and H, therefore whatever sales promotions H and H implements, Irish Crème can easily be aware of and possibly try to mimic. H and H should capitalize on the fact that Irish Crème only has a single annual sale and implement more periods of time to have other sales to attract consumers to their store instead.
3. Given the increased usage of the World Wide Web, consumers would be downloading their favorite music as opposed to buying the CDs instore, therefore revamping the music department is necessary in keeping up with trends in the market. Solution: H and H could look to offer products that play music and cut back on CDs for sale. This could include selling IPods, MP3 players and other similar devices that may attract consumers to their music department. It can be assumed that people will still buy music CDs so it would not be suggested at this time to cut out this completely, but resources should be allocated differently in this market.
4. The Asian quarter is a fast growing shopping area and could take away more of H and H present clientele with the Chinese Laundry clothing line.

Core Problem

Heath and Heather’s marketing department has failed to execute any thorough marketing or strategic planning exercises, amidst challenging economic conditions. This has consequently resulted in negligent decisions towards the company’s progress.
Having conducted a historical trajectory of H and H
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