The Helper T Cells: A Short Story

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It was just a normal day in the body of little Molly Parker, but you know, toddlers put everything in their mouth and this 3 year old was entertained with everything she could get a hold of. So it was a Saturday, and she was at a play date with Katie, but Antie Jen and Pat O’ Gene wanted to join in too with the fun. Antie Jen and Pat O’ Gene were an antigen and a pathogen. They loved working together- nothing could stop them. So Molly and Katie decided to play with the kitchen supplies, which meant plastic food goes in the mouth too. It was like they were Tiger Sharks, except they didn’t eat everything that they put in their mouths. So in went the fries, cupcakes, pizza, even the fake telephone. And that telephone was the perfect way for…show more content…
Brain, something caught her eye. It looked kind of weird, but she went to check it out. Whatever she saw, she was really interested in because she had never seen anything like it before- she didn’t recognize it. She stood there, thought about it, and realized that they were viruses. As soon as she figured out that they were viruses, she called El Per, the helper T cell. He came to investigate the situation and he decided that it was appropriate to call in Key Ler and Beesul, the killer T cell and B cell. They immediately went to work as Key made his special virus repellant of sweat, stink, and spit, and Beesul made a special cake. He called it “annibodie.” Beesul spread “annibodie” all over the place, being sure to hit Antie Gen and Pat O’Gene. Then, Key gave them what they didn’t want most, his virus repellant. With both Key and Beesul working together, the two viruses shriveled up and died and the clean up crew had to come pick them up and throw them in the body fill. Nobody decided to pick up the “annibodie” because if another virus came in stepped in it, it would be half dead already. Molly was fine, and her and Katie had a great rest of the
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