The Hero Of Faith Based Social Justice

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The ongoing war for social justice in all of its varying facets and regions throughout the globe demands the relentless commitment of a select few individuals whom voluntarily endure immeasurable trials to obtain justice and salvation for the afflicted individuals whom they represent. The willingness to accept criticism and hatred from their peers, the willingness to spend years of their lives in a cold, isolated prison, and the willingness to even sacrifice their own lives for these selfless pursuits grants these individuals the title: hero of faith-based social justice. The unyielding dedication of these heroes to these endeavors of social justice is truly remarkable and can be attributed to one common characteristic: an unusually devout faith in a higher power. I believe that faith can serve as a powerful inspiration for individuals to pursue social justice, and the dedication to one’s faith can influence their commitment to accomplishing their specific goal or mission in the realm of social justice. The acclaimed hero of faith based social justice: William Wilberforce clearly portrays this relationship in his own life experiences as a converted Christian who dedicated his life to the work of social justice.
Like a common thread intertwining the several heroes of social justice whom I have studied throughout the semester, the devotion to their own respective faith has empowered these individuals to dedicate their lives to the arduous task of representing the oppressed

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