The, Hidden Intellectualism, By Gerald Graff

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College preparations have been instilled into the minds of young teenagers at the start of ninth grade. Parents, teachers, and state officials aim for students to get accepted into a large public or private schools after proving themselves in their academic progress. The one thing faculty neglects is their students do not feel prepared to enter the real world because they have not been exposed to endure the grueling work process required by universities. Schools teach students the basic core classes and group each into a box leaving little room to explore and enjoy the classes they are enrolled in. The real world is more open to change and new ideas which help people thrive on their own. Gerald Graff the author of, “Hidden …show more content…

After being enrolled in classes they are interested in, students will be more engaged in class, thus increasing student morale. People in charge are more likely to be happier and work harder. By giving students the option to choose what core course they want to sign up for, teachers can see what path their students are on and better prepare them for the outside world. “It was in reading and arguing about sports and toughness that I experienced what it felt like to propose a generalization, restate and respond to a counter argument, and perform other intellectual operations…,” which shows how the author found he was more engaged in his sports writing class than he had been in his broader high school English class (Graff 267). The curriculum must change to ensure the happiness and growth of the student. Child development should be the primary goal of every school district but, schools are now about making the grade. Now, interest is measured by how well a student is doing in the class not how much they are learning. “It is self- defeating to decline to introduce any text or subject that figures to engages students who will otherwise tune out academic work entirely,” illustrates how school boards are judging students equally and on the same level when they should be judged separately (Graff 270). Everyone does differently in academics because they are all different individual people who have different learning

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