The Hindutva Movement: A Struggle Towards a “Hindu Secular India”

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"We must look after the Muslims and treat them as part of us." This seems like a pleasant statement from Mr. Bal Thackeray, the leader of the Shiv Sena party and a proponent of the Hindutva movement, but it hardly works to conceal the villainous face of the Hindu nationalistic movement he follows. This movement aims to protect the interests of India by enhancing cohesion not only within the Hindu classes but also with other religious communities present in the country. However, this movement has numerous controversies attached to it, out of which, the razing of the Babri Mosque, the land transfer in Kashmir and the Christian massacre in Orissa standout, underlining that this movement is not to protect the secular India, but is for a …show more content…

VHP leader Paramhans Ramdas, on the other hand, announced in the public address system, “Demolish the structure. You will never get another opportunity’. He also gave slogans “Give another push and demolish the Masjid”. He admitted these announcements during his interrogation at the Commission ( Apart from the VHP, Shiv Sena and the RSS have also conceded their involvement in the Babri Mosque catastrophe (; event put a huge question mark over India’s status as a secular state but there was more to come from the Hindutvadis. The movement deeply sowed the seeds of conflict in Kashmir as well. Here, the problem traces its roots to the annual Hindu pilgrimage, known as, Amarnath yatra. According to an article by Gautama Navlakha in the Economic and Political Weekly, “Amarnath yatra was, until recently, a little-known journey undertaken by small numbers of Shaivite Hindus. As recently as 1989, only 12,000 pilgrims, in a country of nearly a billion Hindus, undertook the pilgrimage” (qtd. in Rao). However, the Hindutvadis, over time, popularized this yatra, like other Hindu nationalists had done in the past (Rao). This caused the number of pilgrims to increase every year. They manifested the idea that the

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