The History And Progression Of Public Health

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This paper gives a glimpse into Public Health by defining its meaning, describing its history and evolution, looking into a key result by way of vaccines, and wrapping it all together with what the future might hold. The paper will describe the relationship between individuals and groups and how Public Health is more focused on the group even though each individual is affected by Public Health. With the use of examples taken from specific moments in time, the paper will go through the history and progression of Public Health. Links from prehistoric time will show traces of Public Health before it officially became a disciple. A positive result of Public Health is the ever evolving technology, use, and distribution of vaccines. Facts and discussion related to vaccines will show the benefits as well as the continual work to be done.

A Glimpse into Public Health The world is continuing to grow and diversify. Most can remember back to the history lesson where one learned about the small pox epidemic that spread during the Spanish conquest over the Aztecs. Today, Public Health focuses on minimizing such epidemics through research and education. Public Health is a multi-level, complex idea, that many have dedicated their lives for the sake of the overall health of the Community. This paper is only a glimpse into understanding Public Health, how and why it became, its benefits, and what the future holds.
Definition of Public Health
Public health according to…
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