The History, Development, and Growth of the Federal Bank and Michele Terry's Contributions

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In Michele Terry the Aspiring Marketing Executive case study, one will be able to discuss the history, development, and growth of Federal Bank as well as Michele’s career development and contribution through the years. The topics that will provide us with a thorough understanding are the following: talent management, compensation, labor relations, KPI, performance management, training and development among other key elements that will enhance the organizational changes. Ultimately, with our findings we will develop a connection with the profession of Human Resource Management and Career Development that will further our knowledge and view point in the business world.
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In these trying times, Federal Bank immediately decided to conduct one on one career development meetings after carefully reviewing the performance results of those employees who were in dire need of long-term goals/motivation. Most employees experiencing these problems were asked to reexamine their present long-term goals, identify behaviors, activities, and experiences that will help them reach the goals, and do the same for short term goals in order to be able to combine each goal desires to put it into effect (Greenhaus & Callahan, 2010, Chapter 5, Kindle: 1759). Thankfully, Michele was one of the rare few that actually decided to reach out to Federal officers and her husband for further feedback. Nevertheless, this event was necessary for the development of the Human Resource Management and Career Development system today because it helped valued-driven managers keep on moving forward in the corporate ladder that once reaches a dull point in their careers. The HR management department truly savaged the operational errors with the employees so that it would not evolved into a greater ordeal. For that reason, lets not forget that for this financial institution and any other institution if the employees do not feel taken care of, goal-oriented, motivated, and happy it is quite impossible to provide a customer driven environment. Hence, the internal

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