The History Of The Bartholomew County Humane Society

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The research done on the Bartholomew County Humane Society, was completed for having a better understanding of their mission for the community and to find out any problems they might have or are encountering currently. The research done, consisted viewing their home page online, studying their financial reports, statistics on animals and shelters, and finally an interview between the manager of the BCHS organization and a local newspaper writer. The history of the nonprofit organization was presented in an interview with a newspaper article. M. Webber (2016), the reporter for the Republic stated that in the past, the answer for animals that were not wanted was something called “the pound,” by the locals. The history of how unwanted…show more content…
The article continued to establish that the BCHS has a $300,000 budget and that they employed about six to seven workers. Webber (2016) asked the manager, Jane Irwin, of how well the program was doing and if there were any things that needed to be changed. Irwin responded by stating that with the new building they have taken in even more animals. This has created a problem, because this means that more people are giving away animals and not keeping them at home. Irwin continues to explain how the BCHS is trying to combat this by giving families access to food for their animals and even needed medications for dogs and cats. The manager is happy though that the community is spaying and neutering their animals. This allows the animal population to increase too rapidly. During the interview it is discussed that the greatest problem for the organization is the number of cats that they have taken in. Irwin notes that this might be that people allow cats to “free roam” the community without much care. Again the BCHS fought against this problem, and was able to help pass a bill discussing the neutering and spaying of animals during adoption. The nonprofit organization was able to work with many other organizations in the community to help increase the number of animals that are being adopted. Some of these other organizations include Petco and the Litter Box Kitty Rescue. Irwin believes that if it was not for the community supporting
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