The Hitler Youth And The Nazi Youth In Nazi Germany

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Youth in Nazi Germany
SUCK MY DICK The Hitler Youth was a logical extension of hitler's belief that the future of Nazi germany was its children. In 1920, Adolf hitler authorized the formation of a youth league of the national socialist worker. This new nazi youth league attracted very few members at first, competing against numerous other well established youth groups, and following the munich beer hall putsch and hitler’s arrest. The youth league of the NSDAP had been outlawed. The wandervogel were the german equivalent of the boy scouts of america and the world organization of the scout movement. From the 1920s onwards, the nazi party targeted german youth as a special audience for its propaganda messages. These messages emphasized that the party was a movement of youth dynamic resilient, forward looking and hopeful. Millions of german young people were won over to nazism in the classroom and through extracurricular activities. In january 1933, the hitler youth had only 50,000 members, but by the end of the year this figure had increased to more than 2 million. By 1936 membership in the hitler youth increased to 5.4 million before it became mandatory in 1939. The german authorities then prohibited or dissolved competing youth organizations. Hitler youth german hitler jugend organization up by adolf hitler in 1933 for educating and training male youth in nazi principles.The hitler youth

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