The Hobbit: Comparing The Book And Movie

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The Hobbit’s Journey To me, both Tolkien and movie producers in Hollywood captured many of the different aspects and angles of the timeless classic The Hobbit. Although I pictured some scenes and characters different in my mind, both the movie and the book outdid themselves with lovely yet gruesomely fascinating detail. I myself am not sure if I favor the movie or the book better. Each did a great job of benefiting details to the story by either giving great descriptions of high quality imagery. Both the movie and the book both portrayed the story perfectly in their own ways. To begin, one character that was in the movie but did not appear in the book was the Pale Orc. Otherwise known as Azog, the Pale Orc played an important role in the…show more content…
In the book, Bilbo was in complete darkness when he found it. He found it by accident, brushing up against something small that was cold and felt like metal. Without hesitation Bilbo slipped the ring into his pocket and continued on. In the movie, Bilbo wakes up in an unfamiliar place but he is still able to see. Hiding in the shadows, Bilbo witnesses a goblin get taken away by Gollum. But before Gollum fully succeeds in dragging him away he beats the goblin to stop its suffering. During the beating, the ring flies out of Gollum’s pocket without Gollum knowing. Gollum then takes the goblin away leaving the ring behind. Bilbo then waits and makes sure the coast is clear before he takes the ring. A change in this scene that stood out to me was that there is a major difference between what happened in the book verses what happened in the movie. In the book he has no idea where the ring came from, what it is, who’s it is, and why he now has it. He just threw it in his pocket without thinking about any of those things. While in the movie, Bilbo watches the ring fall out of Gollum’s pocket. In the film he also thought about the ring a little bit instead of putting it in his pocket immediately. In the book he is unaware of where he is and what he is putting in his pocket. In the movie he can see, he somewhat knows where he is and what type of situation he is in, and knows who and what he is stealing
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