The Hobbit : The Metamorphosis Of Mr. Baggins

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Maira Riley
Professor: William Tooma
English 215
November 10 2015
The Hobbit: The Metamorphosis of Mr. Baggins.
In The Hobbit, written by J.R.R. Tolkien, the main character Bilbo Baggins experiences a drastic inner transformation along the story. The author executes the development of the protagonist’s personality in three stages: before the quest, during and after it. Previous to his journey, Bilbo was a coward and conventional hobbit. During the first part of the quest he is not confident of himself but as he embarks on these adventures, he gradually begins to rely on his own abilities and starts to take initiative. By the end of it Bilbo transforms to a brave and confident hero. Prior to the quest, the protagonist is a well-respected and conservative hobbit. He is very neat and methodic. Bilbo Baggins is a simple, routine-loving hobbit who wants nothing more than to live his quiet life inside his home. He does not want to go on adventures or risk missing his next meal. Tolkien commences to develop the story by describing Bilbo’s family, The Bagginses: “They never had any adventures or did anything unexpected.” (Tolkien 3). Certainly Bilbo and his father’s side of family are like most hobbits, comfortable and complacent. When Gandalf invites him to be part of an adventure his respond is negative “ Nasty disturbing uncomfortable things!“ (Tolkien 4). His answer reflects the way many hobbits view adventures. However Bilbo has inherited a streak of adventurousness from

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