The Hobbits Curriculum

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Introduction Playing outdoors and the experiences children encounter are often remembered for a lifetime and through incorporating an outdoor environment with learning goals provides depth in a curriculum which could be difficult to implement with an indoor environment (The Scottish Government, 2010). The Little Hobbits curriculum is as an outdoor curriculum catering for Kindergarten age group of 4-5. Rationale The Little Hobbits Curriculum is an outdoor curriculum that allows children the opportunity to experience the outdoors first hand, allowing the children to be lifelong learners and to become healthy and confident individuals (The Scottish Government, 2010). Outdoor play has always been an important function of any curriculum mainly regarding physical play and the development of gross motor skills. The Little Hobbits Curriculum however, views the outdoor environment as the best environment for a child to develop their learning and development. The outdoor environment is not just about physical education or children just letting off steam, it is an environment that allows the children to learn from all aspects of development (Leicestershire County Council, 2011). The outdoor environment promotes a dynamic, rich and natural space for children to play and learn (Ambrose & Armstrong, 2009). Outdoor play allows the children to use active play, which uses real life and imaginary situations and can be used through spontaneous play, teacher initiated play,

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