Children 's Engagement And Level Of Positive Experience And Inclusive Relationships Educators

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children’s engagement and level of positive experience and inclusive relationships Educators need to carefully consider physical layout and resources in the environment. ii. The way in which the Children Service’s environment is designed, equipped and organised determines the way that space and resources are used by children. iii. Resources and materials carefully chosen by Educators, adequate in number, contribute to each child’s sense of belonging and challenge them to explore new possibilities. iv. Children take increasing responsibility for their own health, hygiene and personal care when they can choose what they do. Educators need to provide a secure and predictable environment with adequate space and appropriate facilities and resources.
v. When Educators arrange the space so that small groups of children can play and talk without undue distraction from children engaged in other activities the environment supports positive relationships.

2. Children’s behaviour is influenced by a variety of contextual factors. Understanding these factors and the ways in which they can impact upon behaviour is crucial to effectively supporting children.
For each of the contextual factors listed below, provide a brief description of the key understandings Educators need to have.
Contextual Factors Description
Children’s Developmental Level, Learning Style and
Behavioural Expectations Educators need to understand… Suggested answer for trainer:
To know and compare

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