The Hockey World Is An Integral Field Of Sports Journalism

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The hockey world is, and, remains an integral field of sports journalism. This essay will focus on the complexity of the National Hockey League, or the NHL, for short, is both a league and a corporate enterprise. This piece will examine the enduring practice of traditional journalistic representations of hockey and demonstrate the obstacles many journalists face when writing a comprehensive article. The task becomes difficult especially when candidates wholly adhere to a type of hockey lingo-rhetoric to circumvent speaking to the underlying issues in the NHL. This paper will express personal opinions and, correspondingly will explore a few of the social and political controversies. Also, a personal interview and commentary will ground the …show more content…

A league he commends for his “great lifestyle” and the ongoing support of the NHL, such as trademark advertisements for his personal car wash and KIA dealership in Bolton, Ontario (Coffey, 2017). Furthermore, I was afforded the opportunity to conduct a formal interview with Coffey, debatably one the most unique offensive defenseman of all times; in hopes for an informative discussion regarding NHL’s taboos. Coffey unenthusiastically speaks to any of NHL’s scandalous moments in the history of hockey. Aside from personal based questions he remains begrudging of questions, regarding issues of fairness and pay. For example, he states, That’s not for me to say. I got to a hockey player as a fan. Listen when I go to a hockey game I go to be entertained…I mean I am not a manager. I have my thoughts, but it’s not for this conversation (Coffey, 2017). Hockey is a “beautiful game,” Coffey says, in response to the question about the obstacles he faced. He later goes on to say, “You learn a lot about playing the game, and I am not speaking to the technical skill. I am talking about character” (Coffey, 2017). This quotation accurately depicts the multiple ways organized sports contribute to the growth and development of one’s character, which I can speak to my experiences playing provincial level soccer. However, the irony is when a journalist provides a disclaimer of the topics up for debate, and Coffey’s responds sternly, “You can ask me anything

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