The Holocaust And The Holocaust

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Our live stock. How are they treated? They are labeled to be tracked of. They are fed only what they need to survive. While they wait to be slaughtered, we put them to work. There is no compensation for these creatures, what else are they meant for? When a problem arises with one of them, it causes a disruption, an inconvenience. If progress is postponed, and it is too much work to be kept alive, we end its life without a second thought. We cram all of them together into wherever they can fit, with no concern for comfort. We refer to them as, well, them. They have no identities, no individuality. They are nothing more than objects we must keep alive with the bare minimum being provided. This is not a PETA ad or a letter of why you should go vegetarian. This is a direct connection to the methods of which Adolf Hitler took every ounce of humanity away from those affected by the Holocaust. A rare first person account is given by Elie Wiesel of his own dehumanization. Elie and his family were direct victims of the malicious, dictatorship of Hitler. He manipulated people to obey him like a god, convincing them to follow his word as if it were religion. One of his most horrendous conquers was demoting an entire race to the level of nothingness. The first initial step to this was differentiating the Jews from everyone else. “ ‘The yellow star? Oh well, what of it? You don’t die of it…’ (Poor Father! Of what then did you die?)” (Wiesel pg.9). The star of David represented
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