The Holocaust Research Paper

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The Holocaust, a sad time in human history, but in all that sadness, there were heroic stories of people and Nazi prisoners standing up for what was right instead of following the awful fascist state that was called Nazi Germany. In this paper, I write about a couple of the rebellions that some of the Jewish population in this time did to fight for what was right and trying to stop Nazi’s from brutally murdering them. Here, I tell these stories of heroes and heroism in the very evil Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler. The first rebellion I want to talk about happened on April 19, 1943. It took place in the Warsaw Ghetto which was the largest all Jewish ghettos in Nazi occupied Europe located in the Polish capital city. An estimated population of the Ghetto was 400,000. Germans put a nine foot wall topped with barbed wire surrounding the Ghetto closing it off to the outside world. If anyone tried to escape they would be shot on sight. Living conditions were hard in the Ghetto. Many died from disease or starvation. Many children were used to smuggle in food and supplies that would be illegally sold. The Nazi’s would periodically enter the Ghetto and round up Jews to deport to extermination camps. Different bands of guerrillas formed to put up a resistance to the Nazi’s. Jewish Fighter Organization (ZOB) and the Jewish Military Union (ZZW) organized to take back control of the Ghetto. They would smuggle guns and make bombs to use in their fight. On the first day of

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