The Holocaust : The Causes Of The Holocaust

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With Jews being killed left and right by the Nazis, only those who are brave are left to stand up to their merciless predators. With Hitler coming to power came the mass death of millions of Jews or in other words the Holocaust. The Holocaust has erupted many things such as groups being formed, people arms bearing against the Nazis, and the failure of many uprisings.

Almost all hope is lost for the Jews, starved and forced to work until a spark emerges from the heart of the ghetto. With millions of Jews being forced into ghettos began the forming of numerous underground groups whom rebelled against the Nazi rule while still trapped within their ghettos. The underground groups first started off with simple things like operating in illegal schools to help educate their trapped population and using a printing press to help spread news outside the walls. Besides that according to United States Memorial Museum Website ( “ underground groups committees were formed within the ghetto to help sustain the Jewish population within the ghettos by meeting up in groups to provide religious, educational, and cultural needs”. All of the rebellious acts eventually led to multiple ghettos having uprisings such as the Warsaw Ghetto which is the uprising of an army of over 1000 fighters with the help of Polish fighters providing firearms and hand grenades.

The year 1943 may sound like any other year in World War 2 but really 1943

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