The Holocaust: The Most Horrific Events Of The Holocaust

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The holocaust was one of the most horrific events in history. Many lives were destroyed and multiple families were separated. Most believed in God until their end was near, but yet some quit believing when they took their first step upon the camps. Over 6 million Jews were slaughtered from the world over the years of 1933 to 1945. And yet their stories are still untold. As I stand here upon the wooden pillar, I wonder why I am so picture worthy. Mr. Cameraman, why do you take pictures of us, but yet do nothing? I stand here weak and fragile, far from where I use to stand strong and brute. My brothers and friends lay in the wooden compartments where we are assigned to lay. We are given no beds, but only a wooden board. Oh, how I miss and wish to lay upon my own bed. Where my mattress supported my body, and the crests my and face, and my soft cotton sheets that kept my body warm and safe. We fear everyday of a new day, in which we might not be standing here once more. My brothers and …show more content…

Sometimes the lice would eat us alive and drive us to insanity. I strived to keep my sanity. Those who acted deranged as a wild beast were shot on site. I yearned for fresh clothes, but even the bodies that are sent to the gas chambers were still infested with the blood sucking lice. The gas chambers are evil dwells where you are tricked into an illusion. You told that at last you can take a hot shower and become clean, but once you enter the depth of the dark room, your light will come to a final end. Cameraman, why do just stand there and watch as we are lead to a slow and agonizing death, and when we are pulled from the room of death you still say not a word? Are you scared that others will think of you differently just as they think of us? Please Mr. Cameraman, do you care that we are lead to a death that only one breath could be our

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