The Holocaust and the European Removal of Native Americans

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Genocide has been present for thousands of years and has reappeared multiple times throughout global history. The Holocaust and the European removal of the Native Americans are both considered to be genocides. The Holocaust was a mass murdering of people due to discrimination. The victims were those who did not fit what the German leader of the Nazis thought to be the “an adequate human being.” The victims of Hitler’s brutality included anyone who was or looked Jewish, the Roma, people with disabilities, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, trade unionists, and anyone opposed to him. (“Holocaust”). The Removal of the Native Americans resulted in numerous deaths and even complete extinction of many tribes. They were forced out of their homes and land by European settlers who sailed to America. Disobedience of the Europeans commands often led to fatal wars, and in most cases the Natives did not end up victorious. This mass murder was not led by one person in particular, but Christopher Columbus acted as a leader (“Guenter”). The Holocaust and the European removal of the Native Americans are alike in many aspects, but can also be contrasted. The goals behind their brutality was much different. They also had different methods of killing. In likeness, each of the perpetrators committed their crimes in attempt to honor their countries and they used their victims as slaves. The different goals behind the brutality and the different methods of murder is evident in each of the
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