Slavery And The Removal Of The Indians

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Without slavery and a proper way to control native americans living on american land then there can be no stable economy. America is based upon land and what can be gained from it. Slaves work the land and indians run amuck on the land. So to justify both slavery and the removal of the indians: Slavery is the basis of the revenue from the south, and to abolish slavery will lead to a destabilization of the economy and destroy the freedoms that are trying to be achieved. Native Americans are uncontrollable and dangerous without proper enforcement from the american government. Frederick Douglas lived his life in slavery and witnessed the cruelty of a slave 's life. White slave masters are power hungry and vicious.

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Western europe needs America for trade. A Lot of the food that is used by the europeans is grown by the south. And so without Slavery Western europe will starve. (Fitzhugh, Canibals, 3)

Now it might be said that it would be easier and more humane to free the slaves and pay them. But the answer for that is simple. Slaves are seen as Capital there is no need say in an economic downturn to get rid of slaves as there would be for paid workmen. To turn out a slave is to lose money. (Fitzhugh, Sociology, 1) Then there is the fact that a lot of Americans lower class white men are in poverty. They do not have enough food, enough clothing, or enough shelter. The condition of these people is worse than the slaves. Slaves are brought from the wild confines of Africa to live in comfort in America. (Fitzhugh, Sociology, 2) Slaves are hard workers, the are better at working in the climate of the south than those europeans that try and work the land. Sure it would be better to free them and pay them if we were in a place like england which has little land and lots of people. But in America it is opposite, there is tons of land and little people. If slaves are free what is to stop them from going and finding their own land? If that happens it will destroy the economy. It is better to have 1 plantation with 100 workers rather than have 100 plantations with 1 worker. The latter example will gain less income and the economy will fail destroying

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