H-Bomb Testing

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The world trembled when America dropped the atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The world trembled once again years later, but this time to the heavy steps of Godzilla. Along with him came his highly radioactive body leaving trails of radioactive residue. His main abilities were his plasma breath ray, immunity to normal weapons, and great strength. He was created for a horror movie that showed the effect of what worried the Japanese at the time- Nuclear weapons. In the movie, he represents pure evil, destroying everything in his path. He is, however, only a product of mankind, and cannot help that fact. What drew the great beast from the ocean depths? Godzilla was created by H-Bomb testing at Bikini Atoll, 1954. The director of the …show more content…

The U.S. began their destruction of the island. A nuclear weapon is "a weapon that derives its energy from the nuclear reactions of fission and/or fusion." Even the smallest nuclear weapons are more powerful than all but the largest of conventional explosives. Many of these weapons were tested on Bikini Atoll over a period of eight years, but one test in particular would nearly destroy the island and infect it and the natives for years to come. Their Bikini Atoll would be the test site of the massive and destructive hydrogen bomb, code named Bravo. The U.S. went through with this test although they knew the wind was blowing towards the inhabited islands. What was seen as being "a second sun rising" by islanders about 125 miles east of the blast, sent millions of tons of sand, coral, plant, and sea-life high into the air and along with it was the radiation fallout, a descent of minute particles of radioactive material. One half hour after the blast, the men of The Lucky Dragon were awestruck by the white ash falling from the sky covering them and the vessel. Unsuspecting, they were all exposed to the fallout, as well as 64 people on Rongelap Atoll and 18 residing on Ailinginae Atoll, about three to four hours after. Their skin began to itch soon after coming in contact with the ash, and then suffered burns, nausea and vomiting, and

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