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The words inscribed above the Auschwitz concentration camp read; "Arbeit Macht Frei,” meaning, “work brings freedom.” These deceiving words gave unsuspecting prisoners hope that they could get out of the most destructive concentration camp during the entire Holocaust. This concentration camp would kill over one million people. Auschwitz will be fully analyzed, starting with the early stages of Auschwitz, then the Jews and the horrors of Auschwitz, and finally the final days of Auschwitz. The events that took place at Auschwitz concentration camp were horrifying and led to the death of millions. Auschwitz was founded as a German concentration camp on April 27, 1940. The camp served as a Polish artillery base before the camp was formed in …show more content…
Birkenau was supposed to be able to hold over 125,000 prisoners, and was also the site where most of the executions took place. Inmates were used for most of the manual labor. Later on in that year the Soviet prisoners arrived as 3,000 were sent to be executed, another 12,000 died from other causes, and only 1,000 remained and were to do forced labor (Laqueur and Tydor 34,35).
The next stage of Auschwitz would be forever changed by the arrival of the Jews. Hoss says in his memoir that he was called into Berlin in the mid 1941, and there he was told that Hitler had decided to destroy the European Jews. Also, he was told that Auschwitz, because of its central location, would play a major role in their destruction (Laqueur and Tydor 35). In 1942, the first group of Jews arrived at Auschwitz (Auschwitz Museum).
Back in 1941, concentration camps main method of mass killing was shooting. Hoss wanted to find a way that was more efficient and less taxing on his workers (Laqueur and Tydor 35,36). On a day when Hoss was absent, his deputy, Karl Fritzch, poisoned a group of prisoners with hydrogen cyanide. After the success of the first try, another gassing was done while Hoss was present. The gassing was again successful (Laqueur and Tydor 36). Gassing became the standard death method for most concentration camps because it was almost painless for the prisoners and put less stress on the workers of the camp. In February 1942, the first gassing of the

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