Essay On Auschwitz

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In 1940 Auschwitz was established in the suburbs of Oswiecim. Oswiecim is a Polish city that was annexed to the Third Reich by the Nazis. Auschwitz was established because there were too many Polish people in the local prisons. In 1942 Auschwitz became a death camp and it was the largest known. (, n.d.) The camp was expanded throughout its existence, this resulted in Auschwitz consisting of three camps. The three camps were Main Camp, Birkenau, and Monowitz. Main Camp was known as Auschwitz I, Birkenau was known as Auschwitz II, and Monowitz was known as Auschwitz III. (Preisler, n.d.) Auschwitz was liberated in 1945. “Historians and analysts estimate the number of people murdered at Auschwitz somewhere between 2.1 million…show more content…
Carl Clauberg. Carl Clauberg was born in Wuppertal in 1898. During World War I he participated as an infantryman. (Dr. Carl Clauberg, n.d.) After he had studied medicine and advanced to be a doctor-in-chief at the University gynecological clinic in Kiel. In 1933 he entered the NSDAP. Also in 1933 he was appointed professor for gynecology at Koenigsberg University. (Carl Clauberg, n.d.) In 1942 Carl Clauberg went to work at Auschwitz. There he conducted mass sterilization experiments. “Professor Carl Clauberg injected chemical substances into wombs during his experiments. Thousands of Jewish and Gypsy women were subjected to this treatment. They were sterilized by the injections, producing horrible pain, inflamed ovaries, bursting spasms in the stomach, and bleeding. The injections seriously damaged the ovaries of the victims, which were then removed and sent to Berlin.” (Dr. Carl Clauberg, n.d.) In 1948 Clauberg was put to trail in the Soviet Union. He was sentenced to twenty-five years, but after seven years he was pardoned. Survivor groups protested this and so he was arrested in 1955. Shortly before his trial should have started he died in August 1957. (Carl Clauberg,
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