The Horrors of the Jewish Holocaust

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Most all Jewish people in that time had to live through that. There were very few that were lucky enough to have escaped. They were even luckier if they were helped out of camps by other Jewish people and brought home to their families. Now just imagine if all of the Jewish people fought back.

Opposing views claim that the Jewish people during the Holocaust should not have fought back; nevertheless, fighting back would have been very dangerous. Admittedly fighting back could have caused a lot more problems for the Jewish people. Because Hitler liked everything to go his way, he may have gotten really angry and killed every one of the Jews. Hitler could have taken all of their food away all at once and just let all of them die from starvation. Another reason the Jewish people wouldn't have fought back was that they did not want to draw attention to themselves if they were not already in a concentration camp. Although fighting back was very dangerous however just being in the camps was very dangerous. The Jewish people should have fought back for their rights, beliefs,…

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