The Host Member State Should Be Responsible For Security

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Key points of reference for this exercise should be:
• the host Member State should be responsible for security of the EU Institution it hosts, general understanding on the matter is regulated with Headquarters Agreement each EU Institution has

• any raise of the level of threat in the Host Member State should be reflected in increased activity of its security forces to detect and prevent terrorist attacks on its territory. EU Member State uses all available tools of international police cooperation and has the capability to prevent criminal activity including terrorist attacks.

• regular exchange of information between the Host Member State security forces and the EU Institution security staff enables the EU Institution security staff …show more content…

All persons enter and leave the security area following the strictly enforced access control.
Elements of the access control policy should contain rules on:
- reception and screening (verification that the person entering the premises is not carrying any weapon, explosive or instrument that could be used to cause harm to persons or damage),
- accreditation (certifying that staff and various types of non-staff have the right to have access to a EU Institution),
- registration (confirmation of the identity through the presentation of a valid document and logging of the data by the security staff)
- badging (issuance of a badge allowing for restricted or unrestricted access to the premises).
It is also important to verify the existence of the following conditions for reception and screening facilities:
- they are placed away from the main office building and preferably on the edge of secure perimeter,
- there is a system implemented to verify the credentials of EU Institution staff and visitors by a visual check of a badge by a member of security staff or with a card reader,
- separate ways of entry for EU Institution staff and visitors are established.
- queuing systems and other crowd control mechanisms are in place to enable an orderly access of the appropriate number of visitors,
- the reception area has enough space to position the necessary amount of screening equipment.
Access control policy should also contain specific rules for screening of

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