The House in Peru Essays

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As I approached the front porch, to the right of the porch was a small garden, which was located below a window, and both the front porch and the garden were covered by a big, pointy fence. To my left the garage door would stand, which I’ve never seen open. Finally in between the garden and the garage stood a door. The door lead to my excitement, so I rushed up to the front porch, opening the gate and walking up 2 big steps, to awaiting my grandmother standing by the door, waiting to greed me. My grandparents’ home was the most important thing in my life, this place is all I recognize from the time I lived in Peru. I left Peru when I was 6 years old, and after a long haul of six years, I visited my grandparent’s place. When I went back to, what I thought to be a mansion, all I saw was an old home with many ragged rooms. It wasn’t the place that I remembered years back, but from my childish perspective, I saw a clean home, with many different rooms to explore, but now I see an old home: dusty, dim, but very spacious. Once I open the door to the front porch I will find myself in an upper area that included all the accessories for the shop, after walking down another two big steps, you would find yourself in the living room where I would remember playing with Graisy. After I entered the living room I would go through a door, to find myself in a hallway, the first door was the kitchen, a door down to my right would be Graisy’s room and to my left my grandparent’s room. After…

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