The Houston Dynamo : An American Professional Soccer Club

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Description of the Company The Houston Dynamo, founded in 2005 in Houston, is an American professional soccer club that has gained popularity within the past few years through an increased interest in soccer on a national level. The explanation of the team’s name derives from the meaning of the word Dynamo- “someone who never fatigues, never gives up.” In 2006 and 2007 the Houston Dynamo were the MLS Cup winners. Five years later during their 2011 season, the Houston Dynamo moved from the Eastern Conference to the Western Conference. They ended their season standing at second place in the Eastern Conference. Recently the Dynamo have tried to make a comeback from their outstanding two years back in 2006. As of 2013 the Houston Dynamo…show more content…
Customer Loyalty: Special giveaways, exciting events, and benefits from rewards programs will draw in fans and encourage them to stick with the Dynamo by attending multiple memorable home games within a season. Growing Recognition: Our advertising plan will help increase awareness about Dynamo games as well as initiate interest within the targeted audiences by displaying the entertainment and enjoyment each game has to offer. Give back to the Community: Special charity events through school competitions, donations made to schools, and the team’s dedication to help out the Houston Food Bank will allow people to see the Dynamos as a strong member of the Houston community wanting to contribute in anyway that is possible. Schedule of Events Special events “Best in the Field” Towards the end of the school year from April 17th to the 29th, the Houston Dynamo will host a competition for any high school in the Houston area. Each school will raise money for any charity that the school 's student body wants to contribute to. After a few weeks of fundraising, the top high schools who have raised at least $1000 will be put into a raffle where one school will be chosen at random. The high school that won the raffle will then randomly choose 100 students from the school whom donated at least 5 dollars towards the cause. These students will get to play on the BBVA field all day on the 30th followed by a meet and greet with the Dynamo team

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