Functional Specificity Of The Human Brain Essay

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The human brain is a very complicated part of the human anatomy. Kanwisher states in an inaugural article, “Understanding the nature of the human mind is arguably the greatest intellectual quest of all time.” The impacts occur when during the embryo phase of life development. Brain is the operational center of a human body. As I was reading the article “functional specificity in the human brain: A window into the functional architecture of the mind”, “Gall proposed that the brain is the seat of the mind, that the mind is composed of distinct mental faculties, and that each mental faculty reside in a specific rain organ” (Kanwisher, 2010). The brain the main center of our body that controls the function of each part. In the early stage of life, babies begin to develop their basic functions that even though babies do not have the ability to communicate, they learn very quickly how to talk and walk. Babies can see and hear to recognize the sounds, and they have their own language. The development of new words and sounds critical in this beginning stage life. The human brains are all developed the same; however, the early development phase if critical for building out capacity. The human brain is one of the most mysterious tissues, and the neurons send signals to each other across a tiny gap between them via spreading electrical messages across vast networks to make your brain do what it does. For instance, monolingual and bilingual speakers. The question is whether monolingual

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