The Human Civilization Has Been On Earth For Thousands Of Years Now

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The human civilization has been on earth for thousands of years now. We started off with simple tools and used caves as shelter. Now, we depend on computers, enjoy a luxurious life, and develop new ways to improve our lives even more. I always wonder if we finally reached the final stage of improvement in our history, or if there is still more to come. I mean, what else can we do? When I think about that question, the idea of the meaning of life comes to my mind, and I question the reason for my existence on this planet.
We all, from time to time, wonder about our purpose here on earth, and question what is and if there is a standard we are all measured against: the meaning in our lives. Are we to live good and decent lives, obeying the laws of our religion, or our government? If there is a God, should we follow him blindly and betray what we have learned to be true through our own intuition? For me, to believe that there is a higher meaning in life other than to strictly procreate, I must believe there is a God, and that is something I can neither prove nor disprove, though while I grow and learn more of the world around me, I find it harder to believe that there is anything tending the light at the end of our tunnels.
Although I have had many of my own personal doubts about God and his existence, my personal theory on this subject states that we are here to impress God with our thoughts and actions, in order to prove to him that we can handle any obstacles on Earth in

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