The Human Dimensions Of Natural Resource Management

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The human dimensions of natural resource management are very important to the successful management of any natural resource. In order for any natural resource to be successfully managed their must be ample funding and public support and interest; two key aspects that are often not throughly considered but are vital to the success of good resource management. These two aspects also go hand in hand, for example, if the public is connected and involved with there natural resources they will be more likely to support them and work to protect them. If the public is not involved or not informed on there natural resources they will likely take them for granted and have little to no interest on their management. I see this happen very often in state parks on holidays, people from the city come into the park and leave trash everywhere because they only go there a few times a year and don't understand the ecological consequences of this behavior because they are not there often enough to understand. Integrating human dimensions into natural resource management means to carefully consider and include the publics beliefs and values while managing any public natural resource (Jacobson and McDuff 265). The “human dimensions” aspect of natural resource management is complex and involves many different aspects that all play a vital role in the publics interest and contribution to natural resources. As demonstrated in “Integrating Social Science into the Long-Term Ecological Research

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