The Human Immune System Functions

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The Human Immune System Functions By Karen Acevedo Biology II |BIO1021 S02 Professor Kimberly Snead-McDaniel The Immune System and its Functions The human body is a very complex unit, did you know that our body works as a unit so that we can live each day healthy and energized. Well we are going to be talking about the human body and its immune system, and the importance of it. What we need to do to keep it working properly. What can cause things to go wrong and how to try and prevent them from happening? These things are all very important if we want to live a long and healthy life, with no interferences in the way we need to function. Did you know that our body can get many different allergies all depending on where we live? There are also places that have no knowledge or control over different viruses that we have gotten control of that you can bring back if not careful in your travels? These are things to think about, for example in the 1950s the United States came up with a vaccine that was able to take control of the contagious disease known as the measles. By the year 2000, it was in complete control after the vaccination, but in years 2013 in North Carolina they found 23 people that had come down with the measles. This happened again in 2014, in Ohio there were 68 cases that happened in an Amish community. This happened because the people that were affected not only didn’t have the vaccination, but they had a family members or community
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